In-forest demonstrations will be an integral part of AusTimber in 2004.

The in-forest demonstration sites will be at Shelley, about an hours drive from Albury. 

Opportunities to have sites in the forest will be restricted to those companies only who have equipment that needs to be demonstrated in the forest environment.

All the major forest equipment companies will be demonstrating their equipment, as well as those companies which market attachments, chippers, mulchers, land preparation equipment etc.

The in-forest demonstrations will be held on the Friday and Saturday of the AusTimber week, which means contractors will have the opportunity to visit the static sites on the Thursday and then go to the in-forest demonstrations on either of the following days.

Transport - Visitors will be able to take their own transport to a parking area, about three kilometres away from the in-forest site, and mini buses will take them to the site.  The demonstration area is very compact so visitors will walk from site to site.  We will also have buses going from Albury to cater for those visitors who don't have their own transport.

Entry Ticket costs for Visitors - Tickets will be pre-sold, so that we can keep good control of visitor numbers.  If visitors drive down to the parking area it will cost $20 a head.  If they take a bus the cost will be $40.  They will be provided with hard hats and visibility vests, which will be returned as they leave the site.

Refreshments - Food and non alcoholic drinks will be available from food outlets and there will be tents where visitors can sit down for lunch.  Exhibitors will be encouraged to have their own hospitality tents.  Alcoholic drinks will not be allowed onto the site.

Safety - Experienced foresters acting as safety marshals will be on hand at all times, and safety will be of paramount importance.  All visitors will be provided with hard hats and visibility vests, and will be required to wear them at all times.

Package Deal - All major companies taking in-forest sites will also be provided - at no extra charge - with a 12 metre x 12 metre outdoor static site at the Albury exhibition, while the smaller companies will be offered a 6m x 12m or a 6m x 6m outdoor site.  We will encourage all companies to erect a tent with some promotional material on their static site in Albury, and possibly one machine on show, to at least provide a presence and promotional opportunity in Albury.  This site could also provide information for those wishing to attend the in-forest demonstrations, where tickets could be purchased, although we will be encouraging the pre-selling of tickets.

Insurance - AusTimber 2004 Pty Ltd will be providing public liability insurance for the whole site.

Site Fees - site fees will be based on the number of machines being demonstrated.

Covered in the site fee will be:-

Area of standing forest made available to be harvested for the machines required.  Areas will also be available for the demonstration of chippers, ploughs, cultivators etc.
Public risk insurance will be covered by the organiser.
A site for a hospitality tent.
Woodchips available as base to the viewing area and hospitality tent area.
A free site in the static exhibition area in Albury, the size of the site depending on number of machines being demonstrated.  Static sites will be either 6m x 6m, 6m x 12m, or 12m x 12m.
Safety marshals and security will be provided by the organiser.

Site fees:-

One machine $5,000 (small site)
Two - three machines $10,000 (medium site)
Four to eight machines $20,000 (large site or multiple sites)

Attachments - Where attachments from other companies are used on the machines provided by the major company, there will be a charge to the attachment company of $5,000 for up to two attachments, and $10,000 for three to four attachments.  For each attachment company on a particular site, the major company will have their site fee reduced by $1,000.  Where a particular attachment company has equipment on more than one site, the reduction will be split between the companies involved.  The companies demonstrating attachments will be provided with a site for a hospitality tent, and also a 6m x 6m site in Albury at the outdoor static area.

Other Machinery - For chippers, ploughs and other in-forest machines for which demonstration areas are requested, the fees will be $5,000 per machine, although depending on the requirements there may be room for discussion.