An international investment seminar examining investment opportunities in the Australian forest sector will be held as part of AusTimber 2004.  The seminar is being organised by AusTimber 2004 in association with URS Forestry.


AusTimber 2004 is the premier conference and exhibition for the forest industries in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.  It will be held in Albury from 29 March - 3 April 2004.  URS Forestry is a leading forest sector consulting firm in Australasia.


Australia is well placed in the midst of the world's fastest growing wood consumers and the world's major wood deficit region - Asia.  At the same time Australia has available wood resources.  This provides opportunities for forest sector investment in Australia.  Opportunities include plantation development through to value added wood products as well as pulp and paper.


But Australia is not alone in looking towards Asia.  there will be competition for Asian markets from countries around the Pacific Rim as well as from Russia and Eastern Europe.


The seminar will provide an opportunity to consider investment opportunities in this context.  Presenters will be drawn from leading global and US companies.  They will include companies and organisations operating in Asia, financiers, experienced investors and leading Australian and New Zealand companies.


Key issues to be considered at the investment seminar will include:


Economic drivers for the forest sector in the Asia Pacific

Asian investment opportunities

Financing opportunities for forest sector investment

Environmental perspectives

Retailer perspectives

Opportunities for Australian and New Zealand investors


For further information on the Investment Seminar please contact:


Ron Limb

AusTimber 2004

Phone:  +61 3 6248 5653

Mark Kelly

URS Forestry

Phone:  +61 3 9244 3348